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Introducing the 324 Series Control Valve...

For Control Service:

  • General Chemical
  • Industrial
  • Power

    Inline Industries introduces the NEW 324 Series Control Valve. This characterized seated control valve is available in full or standard porting with a 30 degree, 60 degree, or 1/8" slotted seat allowing for a wide range of control options, and features a locked coupling to eliminate added hysteresis.

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Introducing the 384 Alloy-C Ball Valve...

For Automated & Manual Service:

  • General Chemical
  • Industrial
  • Other Corrosion Resistant Applications

    Inline Industries introduces its NEW Series 384 ALLOY-C ball valve. This 3-piece valve incorporates all the fine features found on our comparable Stainless Steel valve.

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Introducing the Spring Return Handle...
  • Adjustable Torque
  • Encapsulated Spring for Safety
  • All Stainless Steel

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