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Inline Industries Inc. Product Brochure
1-piece Ball Valves

1-piece Reduced Port 102R Ball Valve102R
1-piece Standard Port 109s Ball Valve109S

2-piece Ball Valves

2-piece Full Port 201F Ball Valve201F
2-piece Full Port 204F Ball Valve204F

2-piece Standard Port 201S Ball Valve201S
2-piece Full Port 209F Ball Valve209F

3-piece Ball Valves

Multi-port Ball Valves
Sanitary Valves

Flanged Valves

109S Ball Valve: 1-Piece Standard Port109S

209F Ball Valve: 2-Piece Full Port209F

ISO 5211 Direct Mount

Other Standard Products

ASEV Valves
Steam Service

Pneumatic ActuatorPneumatic Actuation

Electric Actuator AE-M Series Brochure


Operation and Maintenance Manual


Declutchable Gear OperatorDeclutchable Gear Operator




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Fax: (626) 813-6186

Due to continuous product development, information may change without notice.